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The programme runs for the 3-6 months between secondary school completion and the beginning of university.

It also offers the Global Summer Internship Programme, which allows scholars studying at international universities to return to Africa for their summer holidays and intern with Equity Group and its partners, giving them work experience and building their professional networks on the continent.

Others include the College Counselling Programme, which supports Equity scholars to access admission and scholarships to some of the world’s leading universities, including the Ivy League universities in the US.

The Kenyan bank said it would use the loan to help it increase working capital and trade-related lending to its small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) clients in Kenya, especially those facing COVID-19 related challenges.

The loan from IFC is one of the single-largest credit facilities to a Kenyan lender.

Besides shoring up the bank’s capital base, the new loan will also be lent to customers, fitting IFC’s’ impact investing criteria.

IFC encourages the banks it funds to lend to women-owned enterprises and climate-related ventures such as renewable energy projects.

Francois Kabeya, Goma Mayor General Commissioner, assured that the heightening business growth would expand employment opportunities and consequently create wealth for Goma residents, a city bordering Rwanda.

James Mwangi, Equity Group Managing Director and CEO, said the bank had US$5 million allocated for entrepreneurs ready to invest in manufacturing, tourism and several other sectors in the region.

He said that the aim of the mission was to unite people in both countries adding that the best collaborators in the business community were those that took risks, made mistakes and eventually created wealth.