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The crypto uncertainty: Ethereum to surpass bitcoin in market capitalization.
  • Crypto experts predict that Ethereum (ETH) will surpass bitcoin (BTC) in market cap, and new market entries could look at the former as a better purchase.
  • There is confusion among traders between buying, selling or holding (HODL) bitcoin
  • A whopping 67 per cent of the experts in the panel agree that it is an excellent time to buy bitcoin, arguing that the currency is experiencing its lowest price for this year

Many people, especially those interested in joining crypto trading as newbies, are utterly confused about whether to buy crypto in these bearish conditions. Bitcoin, specifically, has been experiencing a downward trend since the digital currency hit its highest in November 2021, valued at US$69,000. As of April 29, the price of bitcoin was resting at around US$38,799.

After the weekend doldrums, the market pulled a good turnaround on April 25. Despite four weeks of downward action, Bitcoin popped its