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The prosperous future of Africa will be the fruit of both men and women. In fact, at present women have the potential to make Africa great. According to the World Bank, it is the African women entrepreneurs who are leading in the world in terms of business ownership. 

This means African women stand to transform the region’s economy and compete on the world stage.  

Women in Africa are more likely than their male counterparts to engage in entrepreneurship activities. Besides, women in Africa compose nearly 58 per cent of the region’s self-employed population (Ideas4development 2020).  

A 2020 World Bank report, Profiting from Parity, indicated that women entrepreneurs across Sub-Saharan Africa continue to garner lower profits than men (34 per cent less on average). 

Nonetheless, there is more work to be done in enabling women access equal representation within political and economic opportunities which are crucial for sustainable development. 

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