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  • The Southern Africa region received the most significant share of Foreign Direct Investment in 2020 
  • Nigeria, South Africa and Angola attracted the highest amount of Foreign Direct Investment 
  • East Africa received the lowest amount on the back of policy challenges and rising political tensions in countries such as Ethiopia

Southern Africa regained its lead at the most significant Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) hub in 2020, on the back of diversified economies.

A report by The East African also reveals that Morocco and Egypt received a majority of investment in the Northern Africa region. At the same time, Nigeria, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire dominated in the west.

According to the Africa Attractiveness Report 2021 by Ernst and Young, Angola took the largest share of Foreign Direct Investment in central Africa.

East Africa

The report reveals that East Africa received the lowest foreign direct investments (FDI) last year, on the back of …

A section of the SGR under construction by the Chinese at the Ngong site. The Chinese target infrastructure as their primary FDI projects in countries they invest in.

In the years from 2014 and 2018, China was Africa’s biggest FDI source estimated at 16 per cent of all FDI into the continent. The Chinese represented the main source of FDI into the continent with the United States and France holding eight per cent of the total FDI.
With Covid-19 hitting the continent in March 2020, the cascading health and economic challenges on the continent has significantly affected FDI inflows.…

Ethiopia attracts $500m FDI in three months

Ethiopia attracts $500 million Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) during the first quarter of the country’s current fiscal year according to the investment commission of Ethiopia.

The FDI declined by 20 per cent compared to the amount it attracted in 2019 in the same period due to the impact of the covid-19 according to Lilise Neme, the Commissioner of Ethiopian Investment Commission.

According to Lilise, 42 per cent are registered to invest in manufacturing, 47 per cent in service and 11 per cent are in agriculture sectors.

The commissioner added that the $500 million FDI registered in the three months in the face of a pandemic is promising and considered a victory. She also noted that most of the FDI is from China.

Despite Turkey, China and India being among the top FDI sources in Ethiopia, only one Chinese company appeared in the list of top 200 taxpayers awarded by Ethiopia …