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  • From ports to railways, Tanzania’s investment in infrastructure is on the rise post-pandemic.
  • Tanzania is constructing a $1.9 billion railway which is part of 1,219-kilometer railway network.
  • Shelter Afrique reports that Tanzania’s housing needs is at an estimated 200,000 units per year.

With a market value estimated at over $27.1 billion and an estimated annual growth in excess of 6 per cent, a construction boom is taking shape in Tanzania.

Granted these figures have dropped since the Covid-19 global economic slump but nonetheless, recovery is well underway. During the Covid-19 slowdown, data from the Bank of Tanzania shows that credit to the construction sector declined by 11.9 per cent. In 2021 loans to businesses and agriculture declined by 10.3 per cent and 8.1 per cent, respectively.

However, given the fact that Tanzania has placed public works among its top priorities, the sector is recovering rapidly. Annual investment in building infrastructure …