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Nigeria gas flaring
  • The Nigerian government aims to eliminate routine flaring in the future.
  • Fluenta, a pioneer in ultrasound sensing technology, has installed 18 ultrasonic flare gas meters at Dangote Refinery, Africa’s largest oil refinery.
  • Accurate flare gas measurement is essential for regulatory compliance and emissions monitoring.

The Nigerian government is taking proactive steps to control and regulate the flaring of gas, with the ultimate goal of eliminating routine flaring in the coming years. Central to this ambitious effort is the need for precise and reliable measurement.

Fluenta, a global leader in ultrasonic sensing technology for flare gas measurement, has successfully completed a significant project at the Dangote Refinery in Nigeria, which happens to be Africa’s largest oil refinery.

This remarkable undertaking involved the installation of 18 ultrasonic flare gas meters on large pipelines throughout the plant.

The Dangote Refinery represents a milestone in Africa’s journey toward energy self-sufficiency. Nigeria, despite being …