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restitution in Africa
  • France is leading Europe in accepting colonial mistakes and returning human remains taken from Africa.
  • Should restitution of African artifacts also include economic compensation?
  • Germany is also agreeing to respond to restitution requests by African countries.

France has once again taken steps to reconcile its patchy colonial ties with Africa, this time championing human remains restitution by returning artifacts, human skulls, bones, and other items of historical value.

These human remains are mostly of great African heroes, who opposed colonial rule in the 17th and 18th centuries. The return of the human remains has been effected by France’s University of Strasbourg. And it is part of an ongoing human remains restitution demanded by several African countries. Most of the latest demands are from Namibia and Tanzania where historic human remains are coming home.

Germany on human remains restitution

In the same vein, Germany is under criticism for failing to …