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Benin has transitioned its business registration processes 100% digital. It is now also the only way entrepreneurs in Benin can formalize their businesses.

Benin has transitioned its business registration processes to 100% digital, setting up an efficient new online single window housing all regulatory processes needed to open a business in record time.

With this new step, Benin joins an elite group of six countries including Denmark, Kenya, New Zealand, Oman and Switzerland which offer their entrepreneurs 100% online business registration.

Also, with this new single window, Benin gets a top score on the Global Enterprise Registration, an index of countries’ business registrations systems.

Benin’s critical move comes ahead of the spike in global infections from the new coronavirus, covid-19, means that businesspeople – in Benin or abroad – can now start a business in two hours and from the comfort and safety of the office or home.

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