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Beef. There has been a rise in demand for animal-based goods, such as dairy, eggs, and meat, across Africa.

For African countries to meet the increasing demand for meat products as a result of sustained economic growth, expanding populations, urbanization, and shifting dietary preferences, more than just lip service must be offered.

The four pillars of growth on the continent are agriculture, political stability, commodities, and population. As a result of this, governments continue to provide little attention to agriculture and this has stifled its growth. Consequently, Africans have been denied the financial freedom they have craved for decades because of this stifled progress.

The poultry industry, for example, is forecast to increase at a steady pace and reach 11 million tonnes by 2030. With this increase, chicken meat production on the continent increased by 4.2 per cent last year, to 5.7 million tonnes.

The overall volume of meat produced increased by 2.4 per cent the year between 2013 and 2018.…