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US Navy SEALS | Somalia
  • The US Navy SEALs executed a complex boarding of a dhow near the coast of Somalia in the international waters of the Arabian Sea, seizing Iranian-made ballistic missile and cruise missile components.
  • The seized items included propulsion, guidance, and warheads for the Yemen-based terror group Houthi medium-range ballistic missiles and anti-ship cruise missiles.
  • During the operation, however, one Navy SEAL fell into the rough waters off Somalia’s coast, and a second SEAL followed, attempting to rescue him in vain.

The US Navy has declared two SEALs, who went missing off the coast of Somalia 11 days ago, dead following a futile search and rescue mission.

The two Navy SEALs were reported missing after a risky mission involving the boarding of a vessel loaded with missile assembly materials in operation on the night of January 11 off the coast of Somalia, as stated by the United States Central Command in an …