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EU-Egypt Strategic partnership
  • The three-year EU-Egypt strategic partnership aims to facilitate economic reforms and avert a migration crisis within the region.
  • The triennial agreement represents the latest endeavour by the bloc to prevent refugees from traversing the Mediterranean.

EU-Egypt strategic partnership

EU leaders have finalised a deal worth $7.4 billion with Egypt to bolster the nation’s struggling economy. This move seeks to foster stability within the “troubled” region and prevent a new European migration crisis.

The three-year EU-Egypt strategic partnership includes $5 billion in soft loans to facilitate economic reforms, $1.8 billion to encourage private sector investments, and $600 million in grants. Of these grants, $200 million is allocated for migration management.

Following months of intense and productive diplomatic engagement between the EU and Egypt, six EU leaders journeyed to Cairo on Sunday, as stated by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.”

The visit occurred just days following allegations by members of the European …

Greenwashing in Africa | The Exchange

As COP28 unfolds with its myriad discussions and commitments, a less visible but equally critical issue looms on another continent – the pervasive problem of greenwashing in Africa. From the corridors of corporate power to the burgeoning startup ecosystem, greenwashing emerges as a misleading marketing tactic and a significant barrier to genuine environmental and social progress in Africa.

In Africa’s corporate sector, greenwashing has become a strategic tool used by both corporations and governments to cover up environmentally detrimental practices. This issue is acutely critical in a continent where environmental conservation is not just a matter of policy but survival.…