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The intensifying Africa’s burgeoning tech landscape.
  • Liquid Cloud, Microsoft  Collaborate to Deploy Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure in Africa
  • Combining linear TV via satellite and on-demand services via OTT offers content in optimum quality at the convenience of the viewers.

Africa cannot afford to be complacent about digital transformation. The scale and complexity of Africa’s technical landscape sits at the heart of the problem, and connectivity issues are particularly prevalent.

Digital transformation offers Africa huge potential to overcome, even leapfrog, many of its perennial development and growth challenges.

The African telecommunication space has developed and has positively and significantly affected the growth of the economies on the continent in many ways. From enabling access to banking through mobile phones to interlinking the formal and informal economies that exist in the region. (Alprazolam)

Satellite combined with other technologies like fibre to form hybrid solutions is seen as critical to efforts by industry stakeholders to increase broadband connectivity …