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loans central bank of Kenya lending rates
  • The Central Bank of Kenya benchmark rate has gone up to 12.5 per cent from 10.5 per cent.
  • Developing economies including Kenya are paying dearly for geopolitical tensions.
  • The current US policy rate at 5.25 per cent -5.5 per cent is the highest in 22 years, exerting pressure on economies.

Borrowers in Kenya are facing the prospect of more expensive loans following the country’s central bank’s decision to raise its base lending rate to a near 11-year high of 12.50 per cent. This marks an increase from the 10.50 per cent rate that has been in place since June this year, when it rose from 9.50 per cent due to a rise in non-performing loans in the banking sector.

The hike in rates occurs as Kenya, along with other economies in the region, continues to grapple with the impact of global factors, including elevated interest rates in the United States. …