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Kenya-Ethiopia trade relations
  • Kenya-Ethiopia trade relations have been on the rise in the past 27 years, with Kenya having the upper hand. 
  • Ethiopia, on the other hand, recorded an increase at an annualised rate of 23.7 per cent.
  • During the Meeting Kenyan investors also undertook exhibitions showcasing some of their products.

Kenya and Ethiopia have renewed the push to streamline the bottlenecks that are hampering trade growth between the two states. A delegation of the National Assembly to the Kenya-Ethiopia Trade and Investment Mission held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, has rooted for the speedy removal of bottlenecks hampering cross-border trade between both Nations.

Kenya and Ethiopia have engaged in bilateral trade across multiple sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, energy, and services, with the balance of trade hugely in favour of Kenya. In 2022, Kenya exported $95.1M (Sh12.8billion) to Ethiopia, mainly Palm Oil $12.4M (Sh1.7billion), Metal Stoppers $7.95M (Sh1.1billion), and Yeast $6.92M (Sh934million).

This compares …

Blue economy
  • Kenya looks to rise on its estimated $38.4 million blue economy investments to grow sector revenue to $921 million annually. 
  • Africa, with its vast coastline and rich marine resources, is poised to harness the immense potential of the blue economy.
  • BlueInvest Africa is a business-to-business event that aims to catalyse the growth of Africa’s blue economy through strategic investments.

The Kenyan government is looking to ride on its estimated $38.4 million (KES 5 billion) investments in the blue economy initiatives to increase revenue to $921 million (KES 120 billion) annually.

This will be a threefold increase from the current $288.6 million (KES 37.6 billion) that the state generates from the blue economy.

The Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Mining, Blue Economy & Maritime Affairs, Salim Mvurya, said that part of the plan was to map the fisheries’ infrastructure across the country.

“We want to increase the revenue to Sh120

AfDB projects in Egypt and Ivory Coast
  • AfDB projects in Egypt and Côte d’Ivoire win at the 2024 Bonds, Loans & ESG Capital Markets Africa Awards.
  • These projects showcase innovative financing, like Egypt’s Panda Bond and Côte d’Ivoire’s Sustainable Loan, promoting sustainable development in Africa.
  • The awards highlight the significance of ESG criteria, demonstrating the Bank’s role in advancing economic sustainability and growth on the continent.

The African Development Bank has been at the forefront of driving significant financial initiatives across Africa, as demonstrated by its involvement in groundbreaking projects in Egypt and Côte d’Ivoire.  The prestigious 2024 Bonds, Loans, and ESG Capital Markets Africa Awards recently honored these projects, highlighting the innovative approach and impact of the bank’s efforts.

Strategic Achievements Through AfDB Projects

Two African Development Bank-supported ventures have garnered top awards in notable recognition of excellence and innovation. Egypt’s groundbreaking RMB3.5bn ($478.7 million) Sustainability Panda Bond issuance clinched the Sovereign, Supra, and Agency …