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submarine cable systems
  • Submarine cable systems form the crucial infrastructure at the heart of the global network and internet connectivity. 
  • Seacom, a leading player in the submarine cable systems market, launched Africa’s first broadband submarine cable system in 2009.
  • As Africa navigates digital infrastructure challenges, there’s hope on the horizon with several transformative internet projects poised to reshape the continent’s digital landscape.

The crucial role of submarine cable systems

The Internet is the backbone of modern communication, powering everything from global commerce to personal communications. At the heart of this global network lies a critical infrastructure often unseen and unthought of by the average user: submarine cable systems.

These undersea pathways are vital for international data exchange, carrying over 99 per cent of the world’s telecommunications traffic. A recent incident involving damage to Seacom’s cable in the Red Sea offers a stark reminder of the vulnerability of these underwater lifelines and the …