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By agreeing to remove double taxation the countries also agree to remove barriers to bilateral investment and trade between one other. It is just as well because trade and investment between the two are growing.

Only recently the UAE renewable energy firm Masdar went into a deal with Tanzania to conduct several solar and wind power projects in the country.  Similarly, the Emirates also signed several trade financing agreements with a few countries in West Africa as the UAE makes its mark in global economic growth.

Qatar is only the latest of the United Arab Emirates that Tanzania is making trade and investment deals with. In February this year, Tanzania participated at the World Expo Dubai 2020 to promote its products and opportunities.

His vision for the Private Office of Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi is to be one of the best royal offices in the Middle East and he is dedicated to continuing to be the driving force behind the private office.  

To bring this vision to life, His Excellency Tomasz Zaleski adds that one of his passions is to continue to build a network of quality individuals who are inspired by his vision because it personally holds meaning to them.  

“I am honoured to be connected to various administrators ranging from politicians, humanitarians and Sheikhs who are generous, and each contributes to the world in a positive and expansive manner,” he says. 

His Excellency Tomasz Zaleski adds that developing opportunities for several other ambitious entrepreneurs and companies in the UAE is one of his biggest passions. He says that this is why he believes that “the ability to create is the success for everyone.”