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Agriculture Mozambique
  • The African Development Fund has approved a grant of $19.98M to fund Mozambique’s Economic Acceleration and Governance Support Programme.
  • This grant is the first of two budget support operations for FY2023/24, each valued at $20M.
  • The program focuses on two key areas: improving the private sector environment for economic recovery and green growth and enhancing the efficiency, accountability, and transparency of public expenditure.

The African continent, with its diverse cultures, landscapes, and economic potential, has been on a journey of transformation and development. Mozambique, a nation nestled on the southeastern coast of Africa, is no exception.

Recent developments have shed light on an exciting opportunity for Mozambique’s economic rejuvenation through a grant of $19.98 million approved by the Board of Directors of the African Development Fund (ADF), the concessional lending window of the African Development Bank Group.

This grant will finance the implementation of Mozambique’s Economic Acceleration and Governance Support …