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  • Africa is the new battlefront where Russia and the US are vying for prominence.
  • The battle is not new. During the Cold War, Russia and the US sought to expand their influence by supporting various African governments.
  • The outcome will determine not only the fortunes of the competing powers but also the trajectory of African nations.

In the vast expanse of Africa, a new chapter in geopolitical influence is being written, with Russia and the US vying for prominence. As the continent rises in global importance due to its resources, burgeoning markets, and strategic significance, the world powers are engaging in a multifaceted competition for the hearts, minds, and resources of African nations.

Historical echoes of Russia and US maneuvers

The geopolitical dance between Russia and the US in Africa is not entirely novel. During the Cold War, both powers sought to expand their influence by supporting various African governments,…

Tanzania President Samia Hassan delivers speech with US Vice President Kamala Harris when the latter visited the US in April 2021. Photo/CFR
  • According to the US review has maintained a solid macroeconomic foundation, sound fiscal policies, and rich natural endowments.
  • The report credits Samia’s administration for its ‘strong regulatory framework, sound macroeconomic fundamentals and creation of a vibrant financial market.’
  • the US recognizes Tanzania’s favorable investment policies under president Samia Suluhu Hassan.

Tanzania’s President Samia Suluhu Hassan promised reforms to improve the country’s business climate when she came into power in 2021 and singled out attracting foreign investment as a key priority. Suluhu’s shift in policy to attract investment will be part of the discussion with US Vice President Kamala Harris who visits the country this week as part of a three-state visit by Harris.

“This commitment to increasing investment has continued throughout her tenure and economic issues remain at the forefront of the administration’s policies, strategies, and goals,” notes the U.S. Department of State.

Absa Bank Africa Financial Markets Index 2022 …

Digital development on Vice President Kamala Harris’ agendas as US data giant Starlink looks to set up shop in Tanzania. AGOA remains a touchy agenda as China and Russia increase trade investment across Africa. Photo/WTSP
  • US President Biden supports an African permanent seat on the UN Security Council.
  • Vice President Harris’ visit to pave way for Biden Africa tour later this year
  • US increased investment in Africa,still lags behind China

The United States Vice President Kamala Harris is expected to land in Africa this week where she will tour at least three countries. Her itinerary includes Ghana on March 26, then Tanzania on March 29, and finally Zambia on March 31.

This trip paves the way for the even more anticipated visit by President Joe Biden, as promised at the US-Africa Summit held in Washington in December 2022.

A little over a decade ago, former US president Barack Obama showed America’s commitment to Africa’s growth through wide-ranging programmes and initiatives that aimed at cementing the US-Africa relations. But Donald Trump’s lukewarm relationship with Africa and the continuous rise of China’s influence has made the US …

Tanzania President Samia Suluhu (R) and US Vice President Kamala Harris. Uber has closed down its Tanzania operations even as Suluhu and Harris are meeting tomorrow.

Uber has closed down Tanzania operations even as President Samia Suluhu is in the United States on a trip that, according to Joe Biden administration officials, is focused on business and investments.

The Tanzanian president is meeting US Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday in Washington.

During the talks with VP Harris at the White House, Suluhu is expected to focus on commercial and economic partnerships and health issues among other matters.

Liquefied natural gas in Tanzania is expected to attract investments of US$40 billion at a time when the world is seeking to reduce dependence on Russian energy.…