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KCB Group Director Marketing, Corporate Affairs & Citizenship, Rosalind Gichuru offers a scholarship certificate to one of the 251 beneficiaries who will be taken through the University through the KCB Foundation Education Scholarship Program.

The University Scholarship Programme will facilitate a smooth transition for the top performers who attain a mean grade of A and A- and the best 2 students living with disabilities each year, from the KCB Foundation High School programme.

“The laptops are part of a deliberate effort by the Foundation to enable the scholars to effectively undertake their schoolwork as well as access their virtual class lessons” said Rosalind.

“We want our Scholars to have an equitable opportunity by continuing to access their class courses and complete their assignments on time. With many of them coming from marginalized communities, access to a laptop for purposes of following the classroom lessons or undertaking assignments was going to be a big challenge,” she added.…

KCB is expanding indicating good performance of the Kenyan economy which is projected to grow 5.9 percent in 2022.

The most recent expansion by Kenya’s KCB was in Tanzania where the bank launched a mini-branch, at the EAC Secretariat Headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania late last year. This expansion speaks volumes to the merit of Kenya banking sector.

Overall speaking, Kenya’s banking industry as exemplified by KCB’s good performance is symbolic of the resilience of Kenya’s economy. The country’s economy has remained strong even in the face of recent economic shock waves wrought by Covid-19 and even regional conflict like the ongoing demonstrations in Sudan.

Actually, according to the Africa Development Bank (AfDB), Kenya’s economy is well on its way towards a full recovery, if no other Ovid waves emerge that is. However, it is not all sugar and candy, the AfDB does acknowledge that “…nearly 2 million people are estimated to have fallen into poverty, and nearly 900,000 lost their jobs,” over the cause of the pandemic.…