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  • Kenya police will lead a global force to Haiti, a country where violent gangs control 80% of the capital Port-au-Prince.
  • At the UN Security Council, the US-backed resolution got 13 votes in favour, while China and Russia opted for abstention.
  • Critics of the Kenyan-led mission have raised concerns about the track record of police forces in Kenya.

Kenya has warmly embraced the United Nations Security Council resolution designating it to lead an international contingent of armed police to combat Haitian gangs. President William Ruto, in a speech delivered shortly after the resolution’s adoption, expressed his strong support, characterizing it as a mission of profound significance for humanity.

President Ruto said that the mission’s primary objective is to empower the multinational security support mission in reinforcing the capabilities of the Haitian police. This involves providing operational assistance and undertaking collaborative measures to enhance the institutional capacity of the Haitian law enforcement.…