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Edwin Moyo the unknown Zimbabwean Business
  • Edwin Moyo, Zimbabwe's horticulture industry magnate flies under the radar. He is unlike your typical successful Harare businessman. He is not bashful about his wealth or his influence and yet he is very influential.
  • The entrepreneur made his mark in a number of ventures most notably horticulture. His success culminated in his operations at a farm in Zimbabwe's eastern highlands called Kondozi.
  • At its peak, Edwin Moyo's Kondozi horticulture venture employed as many as 15,000 people and supported the local economy of Mutare.
  • Kondozi exported fresh produce as far as Europe and Edwin Moyo managed to secure long term supply contracts with leading United Kingdom retailers like Tesco.
  • Edwin Moyo's experience in Zimbabwe is very telling of the culture of that country to persecute and to hound its most successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs.
  • Kondozi is one of the farms that was forcibly taken over by the government under the guise