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International cosmetic company, Labo, has launched two of its cosmetic products; Crescina and Fillerina on the Kenyan market through Medipoint Pharmaceuticals.

Fillerina is an anti-skin ageing product that was produced following a study by Labo on skin ageing and skin biological process that saw it being granted 9 specific formulation patents.

In 2012, the product was introduced as a real breakthrough in skin filling technology.

“Fillerina has two major functions; to correct wrinkles; these are expression lines and deep furrows that form on the skin, and to improve the microrelief; these are the aging lines and fine lines; as well as give new volumes to cheekbones, lips etcetera,” Said Mr. Godfrey Wambaa, the Managing Director of Medipoint Pharmaceuticals. As skin ages, the amount of hyaluronic acid gradually declines, causing imperfections such as ageing wrinkles, expression lines and loss of volume; that is, deflation and skin depressions, especially as regards to …