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  • Ongoing China’s real estate crash is causing a ripple effect in the steel industry.
  • Market prices for steel have fallen sharply in Asia amid the flood of Chinese exports.
  • At the same time, Sub-Saharan Africa metal exports are relying on anti-dumping laws to stay afloat.

China’s real estate bubble has busted and with it caused a global ripple in the metal markets and especially the Asian economic giant’s steel exports business.

Stanislav Zinchenko the CEO of GMK Center notes that China’s investments in the real estate and construction sector in general, which are the largest consumers of steel, fell by 7.2 per cent between January and May of last year.

The first effect of the real estate crash has been the drop in demand for steel products. With the fall in domestic demand for steel, China has turned to the new frontiers to drive steel exports.

The result of …