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Aflatoxins in East Africa Maize Crop- FAO

It all began on March 5th when the Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA) stopped any further imports of maize into Kenya with immediate effect.

This move was necessitated by the Kenyan government’s need to control the entry of unsafe maize.  According to the ministry of agriculture, previous test results for maize imported from Uganda and Tanzania revealed high levels of mycotoxins consistently beyond safety limits. Mycotoxins particularly aflatoxins and fumonisins are carcinogenic.

This move by the government cast a shadow over the shortage of maize in the country, but the ministry was quick to reassure citizens of a stable maize supply stating, “The Ministry further wishes to avert fear over alleged shortage of maize in the country. Projections up to the end of May 2021 indicate a surplus of 11,807,681 90kg bags, with the price of maize expected to remain stable.”

Currently, the wholesale maize price is averaging Sh2,600/= …