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  • Luxury Tourism in East Africa has been on an upswing following the reopening of air travel.
  • Marriott and Radisson Blu are leading the line in Investments in Luxury Tourism in East Africa.
  • American hotel brand Marriott International is eyeing over 30 hotel openings  in Africa by the close of 2024

 East Africa has emerged as a magnet for luxury tourists seeking unforgettable experiences, as evidenced by the increasing investments in high-end travel and accommodation in the region.

This region, comprising countries Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and others, has witnessed a surge in high-end tourism from global hotel chains pumping investments in the region, drawing discerning travellers from around the globe.

In response, East Africa continues positioning itself as a premier destination for luxury tourism. Stakeholders in the region are capitalizing on this growing trend by investing in upscale accommodations, unique experiences, and sustainable tourism practices.

Luxury hotels are expanding in …

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  • Egypt and Nigeria markets remain the top targets of international hotel chains. 
  • New hotels' pipeline in sub-Saharan Africa has gone up six per cent in 2022 (measured by rooms), whilst in North Africa the total has risen by four per cent.
  • At the moment, the hotel chains have deals signed in 42 countries in Africa.

Africa remains a top investment destination by global hotel chains as brands pump in billions of dollars into putting up facilities in the continent, an industry survey now shows.

The African hotel chain development pipeline now totals 482 hotels with 84,427 rooms, the W-Hospitality Group report titled 'Hotel Chain Development Pipeline Africa', indicates.

This total was analysed initially according to two main regions, that is, North Africa where it looked at five countries – Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt, and sub-Saharan Africa (49 countries, including the Indian Ocean islands).

The pipeline in…