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Revolutionary pharmaceutical inventory Shelf Life kick-starts in Kenya

Shelf Life, the revolutionary pharmaceutical inventory management subscription service, has been licensed in Kenya by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board. The service, provided by Field Intelligence, is active in 50 retail locations in Kenya, with over 500 life-saving medicines and essential products being supplied on a pay-as-you-sell basis.

In Kenya there are about 5,840 privately-owned community pharmacies licensed by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board, compared to approximately 4,700 government health facilities. According to the company’s research, 60% of community pharmacies frequently stock out of essential medicines and 55% are without access to stable supply and finance.

With Shelf Life pharmacies achieve an average 96% availability on essential products from over 45 therapeutic areas – including medication for hypertension, diabetes and malaria. These improvements in accuracy are thanks to Shelf Life subscriptions, which gives pharmacists access to business insights to forecast and optimize inventory levels.

Pharmacies on Shelf Life sell …