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  • Xlinks will build a 3,800-kilometer subsea cable to supply solar and wind power.
  • Morocco will construct a 20GWh/5GW battery storage on-site to store and deliver reliable energy to the UK when required.
  • The undersea cable will be buried at depths between 100m and 250m for most of the route.

Africa’s energy sector has garnered increasing attention in recent times, driven by a global quest for alternative energy sources. Investors worldwide are turning their gaze toward the continent, drawn by its substantial energy reserves. Notably, the Morocco-UK power projects have made significant strides in recent developments.

One such project, led by Xlinks, a UK-based power plant, is diligently preparing the infrastructure required for an underwater renewable energy facility. This ambitious initiative not only bolsters Africa’s international connections but also heralds a transformative shift toward greener energy solutions across the continent.

Morocco-UK power project kickstarts 

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