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Digital identity

In the heart of Africa, a digital revolution is underway. As the continent stands on the cusp of an unprecedented digital transformation, a new currency is emerging, not in the form of coins or notes but in the unique digital footprints of its people. Digital identities, once an abstract concept, are now becoming the gold standard for Africans, especially in the professional realm.…

African governments postponing an inevitable crypto world.
  • Africans, starting from governments, startups, non-governmental organizations, and generally all the people in the continent, are losing much more for failing to adapt to the advancements in the digital world
  • Artists ranging from painters, drawers, actors, musicians, sculptors and writers can now sell their pieces of art across the world as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
  • Every day, new games are launching on the metaverse and you can buy an altcoin in a game and earn real money from it!
  • bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a store of value and could be a haven asset in times of turmoil, playing the same role as gold

Several African governments have stood firm against cryptocurrencies even as blockchain technology takes over the currency markets. It appears that the dice on the shift to cryptos is already cast. The possibilities enabled by these cryptocurrencies make the switch imminent.

The biggest hindrances to the success of …