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Climate Change
  • A resilient health system is one that can deliver high-quality care for its patients under pressure – which could be economic, social, or environmental.
  • Achieving this requires us to proactively strive to keep people healthy, rather than waiting until they fall ill to intervene.
  • Without equity, our efforts to build a greener, healthier Africa will fall short.

Climate change is no longer a theoretical challenge to be solved by future generations; it is a reality that communities across Africa are already experiencing in the form of higher temperatures, droughts, changing rainfall patterns.

Despite contributing the least to global warming and having the lowest greenhouse gas emissions, Africans face exponential collateral damage from climate change, posing systemic risks to its water and food systems, increasing the risk of disease and straining already fragile health systems.

Nexus of climate and health

As part of a series of regional meetings in the run …