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Africa’s nuclear energy sector has undergone quite a transformation, with multiple governments moving past traditional energy sources to new, greener, and more sustainable ones. Nuclear energy has been a hot topic for most governments, with countries such as South Africa and Uganda releasing project plans for nuclear power plants. In recent news, Tanzania shocked the globe by revealing its nuclear energy plans at the Second Russia-Africa Summit. With these new developments, Tanzania has cast the die stating its intent to outpace its peers and dominate the upcoming era of technology.…


The world has in recent months witnessed a dramatic turnabout on the future of nuclear energy, mainly in the developed countries.

This is on the back of the Russia-Ukraine war which has seen post-pandemic energy shortages turn into a full-blown energy crisis.

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), nuclear power plants slated for closure across Europe have been given “an 11th hour reprieve.

Japan has announced, after a decade of paralysis, that it plans to restart many of its reactors, which have sat idle since the nuclear accident at Fukushima Daiichi.

France, which had launched plans to reduce its dependence on nuclear energy during President Macron’s first term, reversed course and now, plans to build at least six new reactors and a dozen smaller modular reactors.

The UK on the other hand recently launched an ambitious plan to build eight new reactors and16 small modular reactors.

Even anti-nuclear Germany