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Green Giant project
  • The joint development of the Green Giant Project will expedite the construction of the first 200MW phase of the investment.
  • Mini-grids account for more than half of all new connections in DRC.
  • The agreement represents a significant milestone in the collaborative efforts between SkyPower, AFC, and the DRC.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Africa Finance Corporation (AFC) and SkyPower Global have entered into a joint development agreement for the first phase of SkyPower’s Green Giant project in the mineral-rich country.

The move is meant to promote the use of renewable energy in the Eastern African state. This 200MW Phase one is a crucial step towards achieving the landmark 1,000MW Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) signed between SkyPower and the DRC’s state-owned utility, Société Nationale d’Electricité (SNEL).

The partnership brings together SkyPower’s extensive experience in developing large-scale solar projects and AFC’s successful track record of de-risking and funding well-structured power …

African startups

Africa has today emerged as a fertile ground for groundbreaking startups. As 2024 approaches, the continent’s startup scene is buzzing with activity, marked by impressive funding rounds and strategic expansions. This trend is a fleeting moment and a testament to African entrepreneurship’s resilient and dynamic spirit.

The Exchange Africa spotlights five startups thriving and redefining the business landscape in their respective sectors. From renewable energy solutions in the Democratic Republic of Congo to digital health platforms in Kenya, these companies embody the ingenuity and potential of Africa’s business ecosystem. They attract significant investment and are poised to substantially impact their communities.…