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Wheat in Ethiopia CREW AfDB
  • Fresh financing will bolster Ethiopia’s progress in achieving wheat self-sufficiency.
  • Data shows Ethiopia’s wheat productivity has struggled to match the demands of a rising population, urbanization, and economic expansion over the past decade.
  • Statistics show that Ethiopia’s annual wheat imports average roughly $600 million.

Ethiopia, the second-largest wheat producer in sub-Saharan Africa, has received a significant boost from the African Development Bank (AfDB) in the form of an $84.3 million grant aimed at propelling the nation’s wheat production to new heights.

The grant, a collaborative effort between the AfDB, the Government of the Netherlands, agribusiness firm OCP Africa, and the Global Center on Adaptation, holds the promise of not only enhancing wheat production but also bolstering exports.

CREW initiative in Ethiopia’s wheat production

As wheat gains prominence as a major crop cultivated across the vast expanse of African plains, Ethiopia strategically positions itself as a pivotal player in the sub-sector.…

  • This partnership will allow OCP Africa scale its Digital Agriculture Platform.
  • In 2021, Agriculture accounted for 17.2% of Africa’s total revenue.
  • Smallholder farmers estimate a loss of at least 15% of their entire yield during the food production process.

Microsoft has announced its partnership with OCP Africa through its Africa Transformation Office to improve Africa’s food security and Agritech at the 5th United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries. The partnership will assist smallholder farmers increase agricultural production through Agritech.

OCP Africa is an agricultural company that supplies fertilizer solutions adapted to local conditions. The company has built a reputation with its initiative to support small-scale farmers within the continents. 

With Africa’s recent technological investments, more industries are incorporating technology to increase efficiency, boost performance and prevent any damage. Agritech is one of the few revolutionary concepts Africa has eagerly adopted over the past decade. This new collaboration will