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COp28 | oil and gas producers
  • Global oil and gas producers have remained under immense pressure to show more goodwill in the energy transition agenda.
  • As this year’s climate summit enters its homestretch, the most intriguing question is whether the final accord will pledge to reduce fossil fuels.
  • The oil and gas industry’s confidence has also caused tension with renewable groups and climate activists.

The 2015 Paris Agreement establishes measures and conditions requiring all member states to mitigate climate change through emission reductions. Further, Goal 7 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development calls for concerted efforts to ensure access to modern, cleaner forms of energy, while Goal 13 calls for action to combat climate change.

Consequently, the global energy transition is on the cards. There have been calls from the global north to the south for the world to find a proper compromise on energy needs even as climate change effects put sterner demands on …