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June Njoroge East Africa Chasing Silver Linings in the East Article Caption East Africas powerhouseKenya hosts the first TICAD VI Conference in Africa.Image Source Nippon.

East Africa has been at a crossroads in its quest to industrialize, grasping at diverse straws of foreign aid inflows towards the realization of this endeavour.

Countries in the region have been looking West and East to fulfil their respective national developmental goals and finally lift their nations out of poverty. However, partnerships with the latter have swiftly gained momentum, and in tandem Asian countries have been positively responding to this call, with most having been in the same position decades ago. These Asian countries have experienced a robust economic revolution fueled by rapid industrialization.

Ties between Asia and East Africa, were cemented during the 1955 Asian-African Bandung conference held in Indonesia, originating from a shared colonial past.

Just why have East African countries been looking more to the East for support?

There are numerous reasons such as the non-interference policy that comes with aid, the untapped market for African …