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Othman Benjelloun. He is a Moroccan businessman whose career is in banking.

Who is Othman Benjelloun

Othman Benjelloun is a Morrocan national born in 1931 in Casablanca, Morocco, Morocco. He is the president and CEO of Moroccan Bank for External Trade (BMCE Bank) which has a presence in more than 20 African countries making him one of Africa’s richest men.

A family man with two children, he is currently listed as the richest person in Morocco. Othman Benjelloun was born to a wealthy family that owned a huge Moroccan insurance company.

Today, that insurance company is called RMA Wataniya and is one of the largest financial institutions in North Africa.

He is also the head of FinanceCom which among other things is part of a project to develop a multibillion-dollar tech city in Tangiers that is expected to host 200 Chinese companies and truly deserved the title of, one of the wealthiest men in Africa.

The holding company FinanceCom has …