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Ndabahle A. Ntsele & the Rise and Fall of Pamodzi

Ntsele and his partners began to diversify the interests of their company.

The highlight of this strategy to diversify their interests was trip Ntsele made to the United States to obtain a license to distribute Nike not only in South Africa but also in southern Africa in the early 1990s. Ntsele got the money to grow his Nike operation in southern Africa from Citibank!

The largest transaction that Ndaba Ntsele was involved in which put Pamodzi Investment Holdings on the map must be the leveraged buy-out of Food Corp. When he could not come up with the money needed to buy the company from the local banks in South Africa he went overseas to the Netherlands and got the bulk of the US$ 1.8 billion needed to acquire Food Corp! How about that for a black man with guts!

Ndabahle Ntsele and his Pamodzi Investment Holdings are certainly a class …