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President Ruto
  • President Ruto calls for reforms in the IMF to address emerging global challenges and seeks flexible lending instruments, equitable special drawing rights, and debt financing plans.
  • He also advocates for governance reforms to better represent the Global South’s economic and demographic contributions.
  • These changes are crucial for maintaining the IMF’s relevance and effectiveness in fostering stability and sustainable development.

In a rapidly evolving global economy, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) finds itself at a critical moment as President William Ruto of Kenya articulates in the latest issue of the IMF’s Finance and Development Magazine. With over eight decades of history, the IMF’s journey from supporting the gold standard to promoting flexible exchange rates and development financing mirrors the dynamic changes in the global financial architecture.

President Ruto says that the IMF has to adapt once again, highlighting four key areas for reform: lending instruments, special drawing rights (SDRs), addressing …

TikTok CEO Commits to Kenyan Office
  • Talks between President William Ruto and TikTok’s CEO Shou Zi Chew will see the video sharing platform set up Kenya office to oversight Africa
  • The move comes a week after a call to ban TikTok for sharing explicit content was tabled in Parliament. 

Video sharing platform TikTok has agreed to establish a Kenyan office aimed at enhancing content moderation and operational efficiency across Africa. This decision comes against the backdrop of existing legal issues related to content moderation in Kenya.

Following discussions with President Ruto William, TikTok’s CEO, Shou Zi Chew, has made a commitment to set up a dedicated office in Kenya, responsible for coordinating TikTok’s activities across the African continent.

This meeting, held on August 24, 2023, gains significance in light of recent debates concerning the potential ban of TikTok due to sharing of explicit content in the country. The office’s establishment aligns with President William Ruto’s assertion