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The government is already working on all issues facing Dangote’s factor on President Suluhu’s directives. This means Tanzania is reshuffling its strategies and operations along the investment lines, to keep up with the rest of the region far ahead of her.

As a country that graduated to a low-middle-income level much more effort towards building sound and attracting an investment environment is required.

The current small achievements prove that there is more coming from President Suluhu’s administration in terms of advancing more foreign investment in the country.

Tanzania is yet another country making a series of moves within the realms of the economy. At the moment the sixth President of Tanzania, Samia Suluhu Hassan is laying another foundation on top of the late John Magufuli presidency’s legacy, which was cut short before it took off for a major portion of its second term. 

Earlier in April Tanzania and Uganda managed to strike a victory on the crude oil pipeline project that had stalled. In effect, President Hassan managed to pass another crucial item left by Magufuli’s presidency forward.