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South Africa retailer Pick n Pay to cut US$187 million in costs in 3 years

According to him, the goal of the store is to increase the number of online clients it serves by continuing to invest in the growth of its e-commerce business. If successful, this will result in an increase in sales that is eight times greater by the end of the retailer’s fiscal year in 2026.

Pick n Pay will be able to attain a compound annual rate of 10 per cent growth in group turnover as a result of other measures, which will ultimately result in market share growth of at least 3 per cent by the year 2026.

In addition to this, it has committed to doubling the number of Boxer products sold by 2026 and increasing its profit margin before taxes from the current level of two per cent to more than three per cent.

According to Boone, the formal food and grocery market in South Africa is expected …


Supply chain software company MACmobile has launched a new platform that can support “live”  streaming of formal market retail “sales out” data from till points  as well as map the relevant stock holding in store simultaneously in the Kenyan Market.

This follows a partnership with Cognizance Processing who built the platform and will be available for Kenya wholesalers and retailers.

The platform will reflect “sales in” data to retailers while mapping stock holding in the multiple warehouses being used in the distribution supply chain.

Daily retail sales feeds and basket data feeds (when made available), stock in store and stock at the distribution centre, can be recorded and made available in a live feed to a dashboard.

This enables the manufacturer to identify Key Performance Areas (KPAs) against which performance benchmarks are established and deviations reported against. The deviation reporting is live and communication is made to merchandisers and/or retail …