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East Africa coffee to be hit by Nestle's 'Glyphosate Storm'

Swiss food and beverage global leader Nestle has warned its suppliers primarily in Brazil and Indonesia that it will be performing more tests on coffee beans after the company found higher levels of the weedkiller glyphosate – the key ingredient of weedkiller Roundup, originally designed and sold by Monsanto.

This has sent jitters among other coffee-growing areas across the globe as more scrutiny is being put on the use of the chemical whose producer Bayer is facing numerous suits it inherited when it purchased American firm Monsanto.

A statement quoted by Blomberg notes, “We actively monitor chemical residues, including glyphosate, in the green coffee that we purchase.” The Nestle said in a statement continued, This monitoring program has shown that in some green coffee lots chemical residue levels are close to limits defined by regulations. We are reinforcing our controls working with suppliers to ensure that our green coffee continues …