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cyclone hidaya floods in Kenya cyclone
  • Torrential rains have caused terrible floods in Kenya, causing the death toll to reach more than 200, and more than 280,000 people affected.
  • Over the years, both governments in Kenya and Tanzania have struggled to finance disaster management systems.
  • Tanzania’s commercial pulse, Dar es Salaam’s economy, and infrastructure suffer from frequent and severe flooding, and the situation will worsen without major interventions.

“Tomorrow I am turning 24, and in 2030, I will be 30; seeing all these situations (floods) puts me in a scary position for my future,” Jeffrey Mboya, a Kenyan climate activist, told CNN International correspondent Larry Madowo, as flooding destroys his community.

Lost lives, destructed communities, stranded tourists, broken bridges, and closed-off roads are currently becoming the new normal in Kenya and Tanzania as the two neighboring nations experience floods and cyclones.

Torrential rains have caused terrible floods in Kenya, causing the death toll to reach more …

Kenya's president Ruto

Kenya’s President William Ruto has asked his Cabinet Secretaries to act fast to deliver on his administration’s development programmes, “with speed and efficiency”.

“We made important promises to the people of Kenya, especially those at the bottom of the economic pyramid. And we must deliver,” the president said.

According to Ruto, there are no excuses not to deliver his mandate adding that the government must work as a team and drive the interests of the people.

He was speaking at a cabinet retreat on the implementation of the government’s development priorities for 2023.

In the run up to the August 2022 General Elections, Ruto gave a number of promises under his bottoms-up economic plan.He unveiled a five-point manifesto dubbed ‘The Plan’, which he said would address Kenya’s economic challenges.

Economic recovery in a post-Covid era was one of his main objectives. Ruto also pledged to invest at least Sh250 billion …