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Safaricom holds the technology that stopped Coronavirus in South Korea

As the initial cases of Coronavirus were bubbling under in China, a special event was happening in a Nairobi hotel. Safaricom, the biggest telco is the East African region was signing a deal that would allow South Korean telco Korean Telcom (KT) to introduce an epidemiological tracing technology in Kenya.

The two entities joined together with the Ministry of Health to launch disease surveillance and awareness project that will enhance the country’s epidemic preparedness and control.  Safiri Smart is part of Korea Telecom’s Global Epidemic Prevention Project and is aimed at helping the Ministry of Health prevent the transmission of infectious diseases such as Ebola from entering Kenya.

“This solution will see Safaricom subscribers who opt into the service receive important information about any epidemics that have broken out at their travel destination including prevention, measures, and symptoms. Such partnerships that help keep our communities safe are crucial in our …