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FAO hunger
  • Addressing the pressing issues of chronic hunger FAO’s blueprint is projected to impact 600 million people by 2030.
  • According to FAO, the roadmap envisions transforming agrifood systems from a net emitter to a carbon sink.
  • It calls for alternative production methods, adjusted consumption patterns, refined forestry management, and innovative technologies such as carbon capture.

The United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has initiated the process for the development of a groundbreaking global roadmap aimed at eliminating hunger and all forms of malnutrition without exceeding the 1.5°C threshold set by the Paris Agreement.

The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has embarked on a pioneering initiative to craft a global roadmap that holds the ambitious goal of eradicating hunger and all manifestations of malnutrition while adhering to the 1.5°C threshold outlined in the Paris Agreement.

“FAO’s Global Roadmap for SDG2 and 1.5°C underscores the importance of climate financing …