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Monetary and fiscal policy are two powerful tools that governments use to steer economies.

Countries must continue to work to mitigate their vulnerabilities over time. This involves minimizing balance-sheet misalignments, establishing money and foreign exchange markets, and lowering exchange rate passthrough by increasing monetary policy credibility.

However, in the short term—while vulnerabilities remain high—the use of extra instruments may assist relieve short-term policy trade-offs when certain shocks occur. In particular, foreign exchange intervention, macroprudential policy measures, and capital flow controls may help increase monetary and fiscal policy autonomy, promote financial and price stability, and minimize output volatility if reserves are enough and these instruments are available.…

Best stocks to buy in kenya

Stock Market, the heartbeat of any country’s economy. Whenever the stock market is going up or dive down the country’s economy shows up in countable turmoil in the markets. It is the stock market that gives you an indication of what the future of any country is.

The stock market attracts everyone to itself, some people’s luck reaches the sky and some people fall on the ground. It happens when you invest randomly without knowing the actual status of the market. Proper information about the stock market plays a major role in grabbing the stock at the right time.
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In this blog, we will talk about some of the best stocks to buy in Kenya to put your money in. If you are searching for the best stocks to buy in Kenya, your search will end here.

 Here are the best