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Kenya and Tanzania economic gains from friendly diplomatic relations.
  •  The current president of Tanzania is actively pursuing a foreign policy distinct from the one pursued by the late Magufuli, who served as president before her.
  • Kenya and Tanzania agreed to boost their bilateral ties during the visit of President Samia, marking the conclusion of a challenging chapter marked by trade barriers and border tension.
  • One year after President Samia Suluhu took office, a “softening” of Tanzania’s borders with Kenya, a reduction in non-tariff hurdles, and resolution to bilateral issues have resulted in higher commercial growth in both countries.

Previously strained relations between Kenya and Tanzania

Owing to their strained relationship, Kenya and Tanzania have not realized their goals of establishing a free trade zone for many years. The problems originated from several sources, including the closing of borders, the restriction of collaboration and the free movement of goods and services, the introduction of additional taxes, and the