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UABA will train Africans in blockchain technology - The Exchange

One million Africans are set to benefit from emerging digital training organized by the United Africa Blockchain Association (UABA). UABA, a non-profit organization based in South Africa is committed to promoting the adoption of blockchain technology in Africa.

According to the announcement, UABA plans to use a Train the Trainer model through boot camps and hackathons to reach out blockchain and crypto community in African. These exercises are scheduled to start in September 2019 and will target mainly women and youths.

The sessions will initially be held on a weekly basis in Johannesburg, South Africa. The organizers also plan to set up this training in Cape Town. Eventually, UABA plans to partner up with other organizations to help expand this training to other African countries such as Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Ghana.

The training will take two main parts. The first part is dubbed as …