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Top 10 Women-led businesses for the Women in Tech incubator program

Each year, the programme supports ten small and medium Kenyan female-led entrepreneurial businesses by offering mentorship, advisory, coaching, networking opportunities, access to seed capital and investor forums that help mould their businesses to international standards.

The mentorship takes 12 weeks where the teams are offered expert training in the areas of business idea conceptualization, strategy formulation and marketing, which is key in moving the businesses from incubation to sustainable ventures.

The ten businesses shortlisted from more than 300 applications will compete for up to Ksh1 million in seed funding. Since its inception, 30 start-ups have participated, 15 have been awarded Ksh1 million each in seed funding, and 41 businesses have so far gone through the incubation process, with the first four cohorts attracting 1,150 applications.…

Over 50 per cent of Kenyan manufacturers feel the sector is struggling to compete with developed countries with equal pressure coming from regional states, a study has revealed.

This is in the wake of continued high costs of doing business in the country with the local market further being infiltrated by cheap imports mainly from China.

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The study has been unveiled by SYSPRO, a global provider of industry-built Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for manufacturers and distributors, together with Strathmore University.

External factors

In the findings, energy leads as the top factor affecting businesses with a 54 per cent prevalence followed solely by the country’s political climate which accounts for 50 per cent of effect to investments.

The third most toxic factor affecting businesses is taxes with 43 per cent prevalence. Others are cheap imports (40%), exchange rates and raw materials each at …