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  • Firewood is responsible for killing at least 33,000 people yearly in Tanzania.
  • A person who is exposed to firewood smoke for an hour has similar health risks as a person who smokes between 200 and 300 cigarettes.
  • Tanzania is estimated to lose nearly 470,000 hectares of forest each year due to the rampant acts of cutting down trees for charcoal and firewood.

The use of clean cooking energy is no longer a luxurious thing. It is a necessity, Tanzania’s President Samia Suluhu Hassan noted recently during the launch of the 10-year National Clean Cooking Strategy in Dar es Salaam. However, this assertion comes at a precedented moment when women such as Magreth are seeking alternative energy.

“We ask President Samia to help us in any way possible with alternative ways of cooking such as gas,” says Magreth Ngole, a resident of Njombe and a frequent user of firewood for cooking

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  • Zanzibar has been grappling with extremely high energy costs, oftentimes costing 50 percent higher than mainland Tanzania.
  • Zanzibar relies on a 125MW submarine grid line from mainland Tanzania for its growing electricity needs.
  • Rostam Aziz solar investment in Zanzibar is part of his wide focus on big energy investment projects around East Africa. In February, Rostam launched a $130 million cooking gas project in Dongo Kundu, Mombasa, Kenya.

With a planned $140 million investment in a solar power project that could see Zanzibar Island achieve electricity independence, Tanzania tycoon Rostam Aziz is coming out as a man with an eye for energy deals. Rostam’s Taifa Energy is liaising with Mauritius-based Generation Capital Ltd and state-owned Zanzibar Electricity Corporation (ZECO), to set up the 180MW green energy field in Zanzibar.

Over the years, the island of Zanzibar has been grappling with extremely high energy costs, oftentimes costing 50 percent higher than …

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  • Massive deforestation in Tanzania has left policymakers scrambling for options and they have now set an ambitious target for Tanzania to switch to clean energy kitchens by 2025.
  • A huge challenge, however, remains how to dismantle Tanzania’s $1 million charcoal industry that provides livelihoods to millions of poor citizens from illegal forest loggers in the countryside to small-scale urban traders.
  • Tanzania’s Ministry of Energy data shows at least 33,000 people die every year due to complications associated with the continued use of charcoal, firewood, and other crop residues for cooking.

I find Joseph Lucas, a charcoal delivery man in Dar es Salaam hurriedly carting neatly packed sacks of the black carbon residue to his customers in Tanzania’s commercial capital.

Lucas is part of the supply chain of charcoal in a country where roughly 90 percent of households depend on the wood fuel product as their primary source of energy. The …

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  • Taifa Gas broke ground at the Dondo Kundu Special Economic Zone next to the Port of Mombasa last Friday
  • The firm supplies LPG for domestic, commercial and industrial use and has been feeding the Kenyan market by road.
  • The company has been given 30 acres in Dongo Kundu to set up a 30,000 metric tonnes gas handling facility.

The entry of Taifa Gas into Kenya is expected to shake up the cooking gas retail market in East Africa’s economic power house, which has witnessed rising prices in recent years.

Taifa Gas broke ground at the Dongo Kundu Special Economic Zone next to the Port of Mombasa last Friday, at an event presided over by Kenya’s President William Ruto.

The company is investing about USD130 million (Ksh16.4 billion) in a Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) import, storage and distribution plant, at the 3,000-acre Special Economic Zone. Taifa has been supplying LPG for …

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On a broader scale, gas is relatively cheaper than charcoal. Government reports note that an average cost of a family on energy stands at $51 per month, preferably going to charcoal as an option. Meanwhile, the same family could revert the prices and invest in a 15 kg cylinder of gas sold at $20 (The Citizen).

The LPG industry in Tanzania stands to change for the better as consumption increases. At the helm of introducing new investments in the oil and gas sector, Tanzania’s LPG industry is slated for the best.

On a comparison basis, the Tanzania LPG industry is doing relatively well compared to the past years. Via Taifa Gas Limited, 35 plans and storage facilities have been established since 2016.…