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Blockchain is a transformational technology that will have far reaching consequences for industry and society as it profoundly impacts the way we manage issues of trust, security and privacy. East Africa is well positioned to harness the opportunities emerging from blockchain technology.

Blockchain Association of Africa (BAA), a South Africa based non-profit pan-African organisation, announced its strategic partnership with Afriplains Digital, Tanzania(AFD) and  Blockchain Worx, Singapore (BCW) to leverage synergies and further its efforts to equip the community and stakeholders in Africa with hands-on Blockchain education, acumen and tools to shape Africa’s future.

The partnership will focus on the common vision of driving technology evangelization, community outreach, capacity building and local talent building.

This will be targeted towards driving adoption, helping the implementation of this cutting-edge technology and bringing sustainable, unparalleled business-value to Africa. As a part of the alliance, the three parties will kick-off their collaboration by deploying Blockchain Worx’s Blockchain Innovation Centre across local chapters in South AfricaUgandaRwanda & Tanzania.

The Blockchain Innovation Centre is a digital centre of excellence, designed to explore possibilities, forge alliances and accelerate innovation within institutions and communities.…