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Zimbabweans to pay tax for operating generators above 5kVA.
  • The use of generators in Africa has become a necessity for businesses as they complement the downtime of electricity for continued productivity.
  • The Environmental Management Authority (EMA) has ordered a fine of ZWL$100,000 for operating a generator over 5kVA without a license, in accordance with Section 64 of the Environmental Management Authority Act.
  • The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) has enforced the proper usage of generators exceeding 100 kilowatts of installed capacity to enhance public safety.  

Zimbabwe’s energy landscape has been marred with numerous challenges in recent times, which has resulted in a significant proportion of businesses and households having to resort to alternative sources of power. This has been in a bid to mitigate the detrimental effects of power outages and ensure that the wheels of productivity continue to spin.

However, in the midst of this energy deficit, the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) has instituted a set of regulations …